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Facials and Peels


'The ultimate Relaxing Face and Body Treatment'

This treatment combines specially blended aroma therapy oils and massage for the ultimate in relaxation, oils are massaged into your body and face using specialised lymphatic trainage and pressure point techniques together with a scalp massage, oils are prepared to suit all skin conditions, duration 1 hour and 30 minutes


Skin Peeling for Face & Body

A gentle and relaxing facial that eliminates blocked pores

and comedones to achieve a radiant and glowing appearance. Revealing rejuvenated and renewed skin.This is a safe and effective treatment for all skins.

- Sun damaged skin, scar tissue reduction

- Fine lines and wrinkles, dull, congested skin

- Acne scar reduction, pigmentation disorders

- Stretch mark reduction, ageing and thickened skin



The next level of skin rejuvenation and free radical protection a great treatment for an instant skin boosting appearance.

For all skin types including sensitive skin.




The non surgical Face Lift
A very relaxing intensive facial, using galvanic current probes to improve skin tone, elasticity, moisturisation and for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, recommended as a course treatment, ideal for more mature or dehydrated skin, duration 1 hour

Vitage CO2 Micro Peel

A unique treatment to deeply cleanse exfoliate and brighten the skin.
An instant pick me up for dull tired and uneven skin tone
The Peel combines Vitamin C sugar polish with AHAs and
BHAs to create a cutting edge Peel that is gentle.

This is a 1 hour treatment suitable for all skin conditions,

recommended as a course treatment.


An optimal moisterising experience for customers with

a little time and a thirsty skin. Duration 30 minutes.


Oxygenating Facial

To help overcome stress, pollution, rapid changes in temperature, overwork etc, all these affect the skin and it becomes highly sensitive and easily irritated, suitable for most skin conditions

COLLAGEN MASK - 'Anti Aging'

Consisting of applying a sheet of pure collagen to face and neck, to increase hydration levels and to reduce fine lines, duration 30 minutes

Skintech (Jessner Peel) Chemical Peel

To promote a youthful appearance,

maintain healthy skin, and prevent

chronic skin issues.

Duration 1 hour

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